Information regarding Electronics Repairs

In order to be able to help in the best possible way and provide the best results as soon as possible, certain requirements regarding the equipment that is being sent for repair should be met:

  • In any case, a definite description of the device / electronic board failure and a description of its behavior before and after the failure, is required.
  • Information on how the damage occurred, if this is available, provides us with extra help in investigating the problem more rapidly.
  • Necessary information about past interventions and attempts of third-party repair is required. In cases where third party interventions have been performed, there is a minimum charge for diagnosis and repair, which varies according to the type of intervention & agreed from the beginning.
  • The responsibility and the cost of transporting the equipment to and from our facilities is always charged to the customer. You can send us the equipment by any means you prefer. Shipping from us can only be done with a transportation company or courier of your choice and charge.
  • Repaired materials delivered for testing should be tested in stations that are definitely functional in order to be sure of the outcome of the test and the success of the repair. Tests of the repaired equipment should be carried out within a reasonable time after delivery (maximum: 2 weeks).
  • Tests of the repaired equipment should be carried out within a reasonable time after delivery (maximum: 2 weeks).
  • Fast Response Service: Understanding that there are cases where a repair is particularly critical and urgent, we can give immediate priority. In this case, there is an additional cost of direct diagnosis.

Information regarding Electronics Constructions

The design and implementation of new electronic products is addressed to organizations and companies and involves cases where a market research has already been carried out and there are definite specifications of the final product. Before addressing us, you should make sure that:

  • All the necessary data has been gathered and there are complete specifications regarding the design requirements.
  • There is a satisfactory estimate of the number of pieces to be manufactured, either in total or annualy.
  • You have decided on the desired time of implementation as well as on a target price, or at least an accurate estimate.