The Company

etris was founded in April 2013 by Konstantinos Govaris, Lazaros Panagiotidis and Sofia Panagiotidou Relying on the many years of experience of its personnel, etris entered dynamically in the Greek market to cater for the requests and needs of industry and the wider technological sector, providing adept solutions and services in the field of electronic applications.

In 2017, having established itself in the Greek and Balkan markets, etris moves to new premises of 300 square meters in an industrial building.

By 2024, etris has concluded successfully two research programs with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the University of Ioannina and has more than 1500 customers, among them some of the largest industries in the country. The company has performed thousands of repairs with great success rates and has designed and implemented a plethora of electronic applications.

Επισκευή ηλεκτρονικών

Our Philosophy

Based on our large experience and our professional consistency we are aiming at the best possible services to our customers, providing constantly high grade products and services. Our Goal is to provide the most reliable solutions in the field of electronics, focusing on our customers’ absolute satisfaction.

Our Values

  • Quality and Innovation
    Our products and services are characterized by their reliability and innovation. Our target is to ensure the best quality and the highest standards, which are attained with extensive quality control in every step of production, as well as of repair.
  • Flexibility and immediate response
    By giving precedence to our customers’ requirements, we make sure to respond quickly as well as with flexibility, providing at the same time the best possible solution combined with the highest quality.
  • Expert technical training and experience
    We systematically invest in constant training in order to remain up to date with the developments in the field of electronics and technology. Our laboratories are endowed with state of the art equipment that contribute to the optimal result we desire in providing.
  • Reliability and consistency
    Based on our principals and values we consider our word to be binding and for that reason we make sure to respond consistently and honestly.