Research & Development

etris is actively involved in the research and development of new products in collaboration with research institutions, universities and industry.

Research Programs in the framework of “Research – Innovate – Create” in Progress:

BioPoc “Portable diagnostic medical devices and “diagnostic cards” with smartphone-aided operation utilizing novel responsive polymer film-based biosensors”

etris in collaboration with the University of Ioannina has implemented a novel type of medical diagnostic device, employing innovative, responsive to chemical stimulation polymer-based biosensors. The diagnostic device is groundbreaking in its design and principle of operation, as well as its use and was proposed for the first time. Its operation is based on the measurement of the time required for the infinite electric resistance between two, uncontacted, conductive layers to reach a finite value as a result of the selective degradation of the responsive polymer membrane by the target analyte (biochemical index).

The prototype device which was fully developed and manufactured by etris is compact in size and its operation is controlled via an application both for the measurement procedure, as well as for storing, assessing and transmitting the test results.

Diagnostic devices were tested for the determination of urea, creatinine and uric acid, which are employed as model biochemical indexes, in biological fluids (blood and urine), as well as, for the detection of Helicobacter pylori (H. Pylori) in bioptic samples and exhaled breath or exhaled breath condensate.

eeRIS “electric energy Residential Informational System”

Together with the Department of Electrical Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, etris has designed an innovative residential electricity meter. The meter consists of a low cost, high accuracy measuring system, able to provide electric energy consumers all necessary information about their energy usage.

Specifically, this system is able to connect to a central point in an electrical installation (aiming in minimizing interference) and accurately provide information regarding the installation’s electric voltage and total electric current, on the basic frequency, as well as on the harmonic frequencies. The measurements from the installation are received, processed and communicated wirelessly by an embedded computational unit. Using algorithms, full analysis of an installation’s measurements and their transformation to a user-friendly interface is possible Among others, these algorithms provide consumers with information regarding their energy use per electric device, as well as all the necessary statistics which will help them in identifying actions that will result in saving energy.

The consumer can interact the meter through the application designed for this purpose.

During the research program, 30 smart meters were installed and are still active in the city of Thessaloniki for the purpose pf collecting and assessing data.

Electronics Constructions

etris designs and implements electronic applications and products for various sectors. Either industrial, or custom products, we have the know-how and the equipment to provide a reliable final product of high specification.

By individually studying the requirements and specifications, we design and implement electronic applications by using the most advanced materials and methods. By applying quality control on every step of the production process, as well as on the final product, we can guarantee that our constructions meet the standards for high quality and technology.

Our constructions cover a wide range. Indicatively, we can refer to the following:

  • Industrial electronics (level switches, digital temperature indicators, etc.)
  • Electronics of widespread use (DC converters, etc.)
  • Customized constructions in accordance with the customer’s specifications (high tolerance resistance boxes, earthquake protection applications, etc.)

Our applications are not limited only to the ones mentioned on our website. You can contact us and let us know about any of your needs. HERE you can find some guidelines about the necessary information regarding the construction of electronic applications.